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Thousands of visitors from around the region travel to Pacifica each year to enjoy the stunning beaches and mountain parks. 


But only about 39 thousand residents are lucky enough to call Pacifica home and live in one of the six neighborhoods nestled in the beautiful coastal valley. And just 5 thousand of those residents are lucky enough to live in the Linda Mar neighborhood between Linda Mar Beach and the foothills of Montara Mountain.


Together the Linda Mar Neighborhood and the greater Pacifica area represent a diverse community united by the wild geography and the shared values, priorities and concerns that living in the area inspire.


Surfers enjoy the break at Linda Mar Beach with Linda Mar Woods in the middle ground and Montara Mountain in the background.

sunlight on woods.jpeg


Linda Mar Woods is envisioned as a highly integrated recreational development providing access to world-class outdoor recreation and inspiring and supporting healthy active lifestyles for it’s resident, the Linda Mar neighborhood and the greater Pacifica community.


To better understand how to balance recreational access, development and stewardship of the environment that are essential to maintaining the Pacifica quality of life, we are dedicated to listening and positive design engagement with the community. 


Our listening will include a range of community field surveys, online surveys and zoom meetings designed to understand the vision, priorities and concerns of the community. And with each survey and community meeting we will produce summary findings and reports and publish them here as downloadable .PDFs to provide transparency and positive engagement in the listening and design process.



Our first survey, the “Linda Mar Woods - Community Listening Survey” was launched in April with a series of direct mailings to the immediate Neighbors on Higgins Way, then the Neighbors within ¼ mile, and then online through Riptide, Nextdoor and Facebook. 


Our first report for the “Linda Mar Woods - Community Listening Survey” was published on May 24th 2021 and included responses from more than 150 residents from the Pacifica community download the full survey below. 


Our second survey "Community & Existing Conditions" is now live and you can find the link below.


We value and consider each and every response that we receive as we know it came from someone who is deeply invested in the community and cares enough to take the time to provide their insight. 

It is in this spirit that we share 10 key insights identified through the survey:

  1. Middle aged and older- 87% of respondents are over 35 years old.

  2. Long term residents- 74% of respondents have lived in Linda Mar for 10+ years.

  3. Like living in the area- for access to the open spaces 78%, ocean 69% , mountains 68%.

  4. Like living in Linda Mar- sense of community 62%, recreation 50%, parks 39%.

  5. Most challenging aspects of living in the area- traffic 74% and cost of living 42%.

  6. Most popular outdoor recreation- hiking 92%, bird watching 51%,  mountain biking 41%. 

  7. Residents recreate- 1 or more times per week per week 98%, everyday 40%.

  8. Where do you recreate- Pacifica 97%, Half Moon Bay 36%, North Bay & Santa Cruz 10%

  9. Biggest concerns for Linda Mar- traffic 79%, environmental impacts 64%, growth 52%.

  10. Vision for Linda Mar- improve park access 97%, improve roads & sidewalks 52%.


A comprehensive community outreach and engagement program will inform the development of the residential subdivision and recreational areas in three main  phases: Listening, Visioning & Design. The ultimate goal for the outreach program is to establish an advisory committee and then a friends group focused on the long term development, maintenance and operation of the recreational amenities and trails.


Perhaps one of the most important and compelling results from the survey, even beyond the 10 key insights highlighted, was the overwhelming interest from the community in wanting to receive project updates with 93% requesting to be kept updated. 


Many respondents 25% expressed interest in participating in the community planning process and 7% expressed an interest in participating on an advisory committee.


We are dedicated to listening to the community, are committed to providing many opportunities for positive design engagement and will provide periodic project updates through our email update list and online postings as well as invites to community zoom meetings, site visits and workshops.

COmmunity Surveys

Community Listening Survey

Community & Existing Conditions Survey

Community Vision Survey

Survey Reports

Community Listening Survey Report

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