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Linda Mar



Pacifica is known to the world for stunning beaches, trails and mountain parks. The incredible natural setting and world-class recreation is what makes living here so special. As residents of Pacifica, we understand the importance of balancing recreational access, development and stewardship of the environment for maintaining our quality of life.


Linda Mar Woods

Linda Mar Woods is a new residential subdivision being planned in Pacifica, located at the end of Higgins Way. The envisioned subdivision will be  integrated with the open space and recreational areas on the property to provide a stunning natural setting to live and world-class outdoor recreational access that will inspire healthy active lifestyles for the entire Community.


We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the Linda Mar Woods project. And we invite you to join our community email list to receive project updates, take our community surveys to provide your insights and feedback and apply to join our community advisory group.

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